Every year Mosswood Park hosts a variety of community events that our Mosswood Meltdown crew is involved in. In recent years, more and more festival goers have been coming to these service events that happen all throughout the year at Mosswood Park.  If you are interested in getting involved, or volunteering at one of these events, or at the festival, please email us at

 Here’s a schedule of some of the yearly events you can get involved with…

  • MLK day of service and park cleanup (Mid-January)
  • Earth Day at Mosswood Park (Mid/late April)
  • Historic Moss House cleanup (year round)
  • Mosswood Meltdown (Early July)
  • Mosswood Youth Baseball (Summer & Fall)
  • Youth Center Halloween Fair (Late-October)
  • Holiday meals and care packages for the unhoused (November & December)
  • Winter Carnival (Mid-December)

A big thank you to all the folks who’ve helped pitch in over the years.

“Mosswood Meltdown has helped to volunteer, fund, and make donations to many Mosswood events like:  Earth Day Clean ups, Creek to Bay Day Clean ups, MLK Day of Service, they participate in the After-School Program helping youth with homework, and the Mosswood Halloween Spook Festival.  They helped to beautify and clean the inside of the Moss House – A historic landmark.  The Mosswood Meltdown proactively prepares a safe and inclusive space for the community to recreate and relax at their events. Mosswood Meltdown is environmentally conscious and cares about the ecology at Mosswood Park. We are proud to host the Mosswood Meltdown event at Mosswood Park annually, and we look forward to strengthening our partnership together in the future.”

– Terri Westbrook, Director, Mosswood Recreation Center

How does the festival impact the unhoused residents at mosswood as well as the general community?

In past years we’ve designed our festival layout to occupy less than half of Mosswood Park, so a large portion of the park can remain open for the public to use the weekend we host the event. Generally the festival has very minimal effect on the unhoused residents at Mosswood Park as well. Over the years the unhoused residents have fluctuated, but Mosswood Meltdown respects the space of the unhoused, and we’ve chosen areas to set up the concert that won’t interfere with their wellbeing. The subject of the unhoused is a very sensitive one. Over the years our team has organized multiple fundraisers and charity events for the unhoused, as well as food drives. Our team also volunteers year round at Mosswood Park for a variety of community service events. If you would like to find out how you can help your community or get involved, please email us at to volunteer.